Honorable guests,

???? Welcome to Tsinghua?Sanya International ?Mathematics Forum ?Center. Please read this notice carefully, which would help you to learn about the facilities and services. Wish you a most pleasant stay here.


Safety tips:

1Please make sure the door and windows are locked when you leave the room unattended.

2No smoking.

3The voltage of the room is 220V.

4If you lost the room key, please contact the reception center immediately you can dial the number 80001 using telephone in other guest rooms.

5To ensure the safety of your belongings, please keep the cash and valuables in the coffer of your room.?


Room service:

1If you need to clean the room or replace room supplies, please call the reception desk. We are always at your service. In addition, we provide 17-hour room service (07:00-00:00), after midnight, If you need any help, please dial 80000/80001 from the room telephone.

2we provided? a coffer for you? in the? wardrobe of the room, If you need assistance in the process of use, please contact the receptionist to serve you, the number is 80000/80001. ?


Check out:

??? If you check out, please return back the key card to receptionists of the registry room.

Telephone services:

1In case of emergency, please call?the?reception?desk:0086-0898-38882828(outside call),??? 80000/80001(in-house call).

2For the rooms of apartment C, Calling from room to room: 6+the number of apartment + room number. For example, to the room: C1-201, Please dial: 61201. As for apartment D, Calling from room to room: 8+the number of apartment + room number. For example, to the room: D2-201, Please dial: 82201.

3City calls and IDD calls can not be connected from the room telephone.

Network services:

?? We provide free WI-FI in your room. User ID in the rooms of apartment C is TSIMF-WIFI,? You can connect without a password. The User ID of apartment D: “TSIMF-”+ the number of apartment+ room number. password : tsimf+ room number. For example, to the room: D2-201User ID of the room is TSIMF-D2_201password is tsimf201.


Self-service laundry services:

We have self-service laundry room with fully automatic washing and drying washer and the drying room, open 24 hours. It is convenient for your washing clothes. The specific location is 101 room B2 area. If you need any help during the washing, please contact the staff in the Reception Center to help you. The telephone number is 80000/80001


Lending service of items:

Reception center provides the clothes-horse, conversion plugs, flashlight, table tennis, tennis rackets, badminton racket, and the articles such as chess and go, if you need, please go to the reception center can borrow. The telephone number is 80000/80001






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